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電 話:13867066218

地 址:浙江省麗水市縉云縣壺鎮興工路328號縉云竹友機械廠



Our Factory was specializing in manufacturing “Zhuyou” brand series mechanical facilities of bamboo-wood products, having sold everywhere at home on products and also far-sold into many foreign countries such as; Africa、Europe、Southeast Asia, etc, Has won “national testing standards continuously”, “Stable and Qualified Product” and “Stressing Quality, Sincere Enterprise” and so on ,moreover, the factory has applied to many national patents. Main products in our factory as follows: Bamboo and wood toothpick machinery, foodstuff prod machinery, Teppo Kushi Skewer machinery, bamboo and wood round chopsticks machinery、Truncating bamboo chopsticks machinery, double-born bamboo chopsticks and double-unite wood chopsticks machinery, bamboo and wood craft chopsticks machinery, Chinese bamboo and wood chopsticks machinery, bamboo-flavored sticker(which including fragrant core、fragrant bar、fragrant bone)machineries and so on.

“Focusing on Quality and keeping honesty and credit”, which is the everlasting management tenet that Zhuyou persons strive for. Welcoming the customers to come for investigation and ordering at home or overseas.